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Dive into our Signature Collection, made with 100% Soy Wax, hand poured in small batches, and made with the finest essential oils and fragrance blends

Zen Reiki Chakra Candles

When balance is in order and we have the candles just for you. Enjoy our handcrafted soy wax candles with the finest essentials oils to promote balance and stability via aromatherapy.

The leaves are falling and the candles are burning. Check out our Fall favorites that are perfect for a crisp autumn morning, or anytime of year when you want to it be fall!

Out with the old and in with the new. Priced to sell. We need more space for a few new fragrances so we have to get rid of the old. 

Zen Reiki Everyday Candles

Everyday is a good day for our Everyday candles. Handcrafted fragrances like no other. Slow burning soy wax for a clean burn every time. 

Zen Reiki Zodiac candles

Libra, Virgo, Gemini, or what ever you are on the celestial calendar, we have a candle for you. Each candle made with a unique blend of essential oils specifically for each zodiac. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's time for pine cones, Christmas trees, and sugar cookies! Dive into the scents of winter and sleigh away to the North Pole.

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